Van Vegchel (1964)

Water-colour has a character and a wilfulness that you find in few other painting techniques. With water-colour I can produce powerful and wayward images. For me, a good painting contains the following: creativity, imagination and control of the technique.

Comment of a client:

‘Hereby a comment on your painting “Venice by night”.Wonderful! Yesterday evening Bert was visibly surprised and we both enjoyed all the mystique in your painting. When, this morning, the light of day shined on it, the colour intensity of the painting seemed completely different.
We are extremely happy with it.’
Bep Wilschut’

My method:
I like to catch the essence of a theme and paint it.
It takes a certain period to study and explore what the essence of an object is. For example: during my tour through New Zealand I wondered: what is so specifial to me in this country?
I made a lot of small sketches and notes, and then after a while something small, just a detail, could catch my eye. Like the light through the dark leaves, a huge light-and-dark contrast. This was the answer to that question: the essence of New Zealand.

I also learned a new watercolour technique in New Zealand: lifting dry watercolour  paint. This method gives new opportunities for creating abstract paintings.

Back in my studio I made series of watercolour paintings (with this new painting technique and my sketchbook). When I look at it, it gives me that special feeling of the moment on which that small detail caught my eye out there. After working for halve a year with this theme, the watercolour paintings were showed in a exhibition.